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Protect Your Business with Advanced
Anti-Virus Solutions

The Security Operations Experts. Boston Cyber Advisors delivers 24x7 cybersecurity protection to keep your organization ahead of evolving threats.

Proactive Protection

Continuously monitored anti-virus systems that adapt to evolving threats, safeguarding your devices 24/7


Expert Oversight

Not just software – a team of cybersecurity specialists ensuring threats are detected and neutralized in real-time.

Data Processing

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Our monthly cybersecurity packages offer small businesses reliable protection at affordable rates. Choose the right shield for your needs and rest easy, knowing we've got your back.

Cyber Defense Endpoint Protection
$29.99 / Month

 24/7 Expert Threat Management
$99.99 / Month

Automated Threat Detection: In the vast digital world, dangers lurk in unexpected corners. Our cutting-edge AI is always on the watch, constantly analyzing patterns to detect and deflect threats before they can harm your business.

Seamless Integration: No tech expertise? No problem. Our system seamlessly blends into your existing setup, ensuring protection without disruption.

24/7 Guard: While you focus on growing your business, our AI system works round the clock, ensuring threats don't stand a chance.

Why it’s Essential: In today's digital age, even a small malware can cripple a growing business. This package offers peace of mind, knowing that an intelligent system is always looking out for you.

Human Expertise: AI is great, but nothing beats the human touch. Our team of cybersecurity experts is always available, ensuring personalized protection.

Instant Assistance: Got a suspicious alert? Facing a digital hiccup? Our team jumps into action instantly, ensuring minimal downtime and maximal protection.

Proactive Monitoring: Instead of waiting for problems to occur, we actively seek potential vulnerabilities and patch them, ensuring you're always a step ahead of cyber threats.

Why it’s Essential: For businesses that need that extra layer of security, this package ensures you not only have machine protection, but human expertise at your beck and call.

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